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Managing Time

We are happy to help students with issues of time management, one of the most common concerns of students. It is unusual for students not to have problems in this area. This includes helping with the setting of SMART goals (Specific, Managable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely), techniques to avoid excessive procrastination, ways of planning and scheduling time for a balanced lifestyle, and being accountable.


From time to time we have workshops devoted to issues of time management. However, we encourage students to make an appointment to see one of us ( David Palmer-Stone, Tricia Best, or June Saracuse) as soon as time management concerns arise. The earlier we make contact, the sooner we can help you manage yourself.


Students enrolled in one of our Learning Skills Courses will work through several modules related to managing time, including a module on "self-control" that teaches the student how to fine tune their study skills for efficiency and effectiveness.

Graduate Students

Graduate students often have difficulty with time management because of the lack of structure, especially when their course work is completed and they are working on their thesis or dissertation. Graduate students wanting a bit more structure and support can join the Thesis/Dissertation Completion Group.


The following handouts on Time and Study Management are available at Counselling Services .

We also have a number of Books on Time Managements in our Library.

To check out Counselling Services tips on Time Management and related issues, click here.

Page last updated: March 2011
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