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Learning Skills Programs

The UVic Learning Skills Program, housed within Counselling Services, assists UVic students in the development and practice of efficient study techniques, effective learning methods, and high-level thinking skills that are important for success in university. We also provide consultation for faculty with regard to issues of learning and student success.

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Study Solutions

Learning Commons in the McPherson Library - Room 135f

Check Study Solutions page for hours.



Phone 250-721-8341, in advance, to book a 30 minute session.

You are always welcome to pop by, to see if a drop-in session is available.


Academic Success Workshop Series

McPherson Library, Room A003

Frustrated that your grades are not reflecting your study efforts?

Tired of mismanaging your time and procrastinating?

Come to one, a few or all of the following workshops to help you achieve your academic goals.

  #1    Motivation and Time Management

  #2    Goal Setting & Academic Stress Management

  #3    Exam Prep & Writing (Part 1)

  #4    Reading & Concentrating

  #5    Organizing Information & Note Taking

  #6     Exam Prep & Writing (Part 2)

Learning Consultant is Tricia Best

This will be offered again in the Fall Term 2014.


Special Notice for New UVic Students

We offer two courses designed to enhance your learning experience. The first course, University Learning Skills, is an intensive 2-week course designed to assist the new student in adapting and thriving in university studies. That course begins in late August each year and runs 3 hours per day (morning, afternoon, or early evening sections available).

The second course, the very popular Learning Skills Course, begins in early September (and again in October and January) and runs 3 hours per week for four weeks. The course is designed to teach students how to be efficient and effective at university, and how to apply the techniques to regular courses. There is a $50 fee. For more information or to register, come to the Counselling Services.

The program provides a variety of services that focus upon such topics as:

Here is a list of the programs offered and when they are available.

Individual Learning Counselling
2-week Intensive University Learning Skills Course
Course begins in late August
4-week Learning Skills Course
Course begins in early September and repeats in January
Topical Workshops
October, November & March
Study Groups
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