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Thesis Completion Group

The "Problem"

Graduate students form a highly selected, competent and well-motivated group. Most of the time, they know what needs to be done and have the resources, abilities and skills to do it. What is often missing in graduate studies is the structured environment that we find in undergraduate studies and in the work place. Often the graduate student is not provided with or encouraged to develop effective short-term and intermediate-term goals and deadlines that enable timely progress toward completion. Indeed, in Canada nearly 1/3 of all Masters and 1/2 of all Doctoral students do not complete their degrees in spite of the fact that these individuals are the proverbial "cream" of the academic crop. And of those completing, many take well beyond the time that they (and their partners, children and the supervisors) consider reasonable.

The Group

The Thesis Completion Group is context for mutual support and encouragement, and a place to problem solve issues related to completing the thesis or dissertation. Past participants have found the group helpful in setting priorities and in making steady progress toward degree completion. Graduate students from all disciplines are welcome.

We have a new format for the group! On occasion, we have a "guest scholar," drawn from UVic faculty members who have recently completed their graduate studies.  We will share tips and strategies that she/he has found helpful. The final 45 minutes will be devoted to discussion of progress, obstacles, goal setting, and problem solving.

The Counselling Services lending library has several books that focus on the writing of the thesis/dissertation. Drop in and check out our modest collection.

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If the Group or Workshop is not already scheduled
This group meets nearly year around, every other week.

Please check the events page to see when the group is scheduled.

Page updated: May 2012.

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